The Rivers Life size (Fleuves Grandeur Nature)

What is it ?

It is a project whose aim is to develop on a collaborative way a kit of pedagogical tools based on a representation (and visualisation) of the great European rivers and their annexed basins.

These tools are part of A PEDAGOGICAL KIT which has been adapted to every river basin and of a Internet website (the following :-) ) OF INTERACTIVE GAMES which include a SPACE for the DOWNLOAD OF ANY EDUCATIONAL RESOURCE elaborated by the project.

A European project!

The Ligue de l'Enseignement de la Loire (France), Solidarci (Italy), and the Ligue de l'Enseignement de Belgique are three associations active in the fields of non-formal and formal education, social solidarity for all lifelong.

Our 3 associations have become partners in this project because we share the idea that is necessary to enable every citizen to have a clearer vision of the organisation of their own local territory which interlocks in a far greater ensemble forming our planet. We did identify that Europe, and more largely the ensemble of the Continents is made by many pieces of a broader puzzle forming the great picture of our planet. Every single piece of this territory, more or less wide, corresponds to a river basin. Therefore, we think that enable a deeper knowledge of their river by any citizens will enhance a better knowledge, not only of their closer environment, but also of the global society where they live in and to which they participate. All civilisations and human activities have grown up around the rivers and these ones are like arteries of connection between human communities, regions and countries. Through the water the cooperation amongst people become essential.


This project has been funded with the support of the European Commission. This communication engage exclusively its author while the Commission is not responsible of the utilisation that could be made of the contents provided.

 Why this idea?

Through our different educational activities we have learnt that our publics (children and adults) had a poor knowledge on their own local territory and even less on its belonging to a broader river basin whereby all citizens are linked one another through a direct relationship. Quite often even the notion of « river basin » is unknwown. We equally stated the lack of pedagogical illustrations enabling citizens and educators (teachers, trainers, animators..) to learn such a notion in a simple way and at a local level.

"the challenge is to develop a double citizenship: to learn to conceive ourselves and to act as citizens of the Earth, without ceasing to belong to a smaller community, keeping conscious of the multiple interdependencies between the local and the global." (Perrenoud (2000) - La pédagogie de la conscientisation et de l’engagement : pour une éducation à la citoyenneté démocratique dans une perspective planétaire)

Objectives and tools description

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The tools are disseminated at a large scale on 8 river bassins of the French territory (at about the 80% of the country), of Italy (8%) and of Belgium (90%) amongst numerous diversified educational institutions (pedagogical toolkit edition and Internet spaces set-up). Such a large diffusion is part of a long roadmap in which "Fleuves Grandeur Nature" is made accessible to the highest number of utilizers through the online resources of this same website that also allow the website deployment to other lands.




The tools have been thought for:

- Schooling system
- Adult education bodies
- Events to a larger public
- After school activities
- and others still to be imagined...


 Pedagogical subjects :

- The life territories of the public and their localisation into the landscape - The cities of the rivers basins
- The deep connection between human communities and the river
- The cultural heritage and the understanding of societal organisation
- The great affluents and subaffluents of the river basin
- The Water natural cycle
- The river dynamics, the floods …
- The Water domestic cycle
- Human activities
- The faune and the flore of the water environnements
- The water management
- Agriculture
- Energy and electricity
- and others, still to be imagined...

 Target groups :

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 - kids from 4 to 18 years!
- Adults
- Larger audiences
- and others to be immagined....

Duration of the educational sessions with the FGN toolkit:

- Scalable
from some minutes of a workshop to a large audience up to several hours, as a single session or within the framework of a specific project.