Fast Training to use the FGN toolkit


Training  on every EU River Basin of the project!

Training in pills (2min.):

The Ligue de l'Enseignement and their European partners have delivered a one-day training to their National, Regional and/or Local partners to empower them to use the FGN pedagogical toolkit. The training sessions have taken palce in: Paris, Auch, Lyon, Bruxelles, Rome, Bourg de péage, Moulins.

Such a day allowed participants to learn about the:

Projet philosophy: possibilities and limits

Contents of the FGN Pedagogical toolkit

Mounting techniques of the 3,6 metres-long poster's supporting structure

Several FGN thematic activities (Orientation, Cities, Natural water cycle, Floods and overflows risks, etc...)

The FGN tools can be freely downloaded from this same website: everybody can be empowered to use them even without receiving a specific training. It is anyhow recommended to contact La Ligue de l'Enseignement de la Loire and their partners to exchange practices, to be sure to use the FGN toolkit in the best conditions and/or to eventually get trained to this scope. La Ligue de l'Enseignement and their partners have no responsibilities in case of troubles, damages, etc. deriving from different unforeseen usages of the FGN toolkit.


Mounting and disassembly the FGN poster's supporting wooden structure


Please, watch the video to learn how to mount and disassemble the poster's wooden supporting structure: