FGN: The Adventure and its Actors...


FGN, it is all another story...

This is a story of waters and rivers. A lively and restless story, like a tiny mountain stream which must overcome plenty of obstacles to descend to the valley. The tide crashes on the rocks, anyway it happens to go by removing the blocks and/or bypassing them. This is exactly what we had to do to go far beyond the difficulties met on the road.

As time goes by, our project has grown up, thanks to its dozens of actors. Like this tiny stream lining and encountering other torrents on its way. Thanks to them, the mountain stream has succeeded to become first, a river affluent, then, a river.

Over the past three years a very long way has been covered. The energies of every single participant have enabled our stream to continue its run and to progress, like every raindrop making the dry river to be reborn.

Nowadays, "Fleuves Grandeur Nature" has become a river, made it strong by the learning outcomes acquired everywhere in our three EU countries. Nevertheless, FGN is still a young river searching its way to the Ocean, growing a raindrop after another, river by river, thanks to all those who has come to take active part enabling us to go further.



Hereinafter, this story is shown through a series of images: far from having been that of a long and quiet river, it is however rich in terms of practices and encounters. We wish to thank all those women and men who kept on going against wind roughs and dangerous currents.