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 We are committed to disseminate the results of our work in the most open way and in a free format (in CC).  If you like our initiative and wish to help us your kind communication support is welcomed!

Here below there is a list of graphical elements that can be easily inserted in your usual communications and Internet pages (logos, pictures of utilisation, images of the FGN pedagogical toolkit materials). You can even use this website texts, if you think it is the case.


All the resources listed here below are in a low resolution format good for the web. If you search for a higher quality, please contact us :-) . You can also direclty use the url of the images by clicking on the link provided if you are interested in including it in your web pages or else.

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 Partners Logos - Transparent background.png
FGN Logo -official - Transparent background.png
Official FGN Logo-ITALY - Transparent background.png
Poster + wooden support-Transparent background.png
FGN Didactical Tools - Transparent background.png
FGN Pedagogical Toolkit -Bags -Transparent background.png
Screenshot Internet site - Home page.jpeg
   Screenshot Internet site-Choose a river-Page.jpeg
Screenshot Internet site - online activities River Tiber.jpeg
   Screenshot Internet site - online activities River Seine.jpeg
Screenshot Internet site - online activities River Rhone.jpeg
Screenshot Internet site -online activities River Scheldt.jpeg
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