Associations, communities, actors of the environmental and sostenible development education, a group of actors gathered together under the Fleuves Grandeur Nature project!


"Alone you go faster, together we go far beyond"

African Proverb


 The National partners


Aware of the interest of combining our efforts learning from our respective practices and competences, our different national networks get associated in order to build and disseminate together at the widest our common project “Fleuves Grandeur Nature”, at the service of all educational actors. 





The Financial partners

The development and dissemination of the final productions of the project needs some financial resources. The European Commission is the first project supporter, while some other actors of different horizon have come to sustain us for a more important impact of the project. Without them FGN will not be possible. Thanks.





This project has been funded with the support of the European Commission. This communication  engage  exclusively its author while the Commission is not responsible of the utilisation  that could be made of the contents provided.


 "Rhône Grandeur Nature" benefits from the label "Plan Rhône".

The local/Regional partners

  In order to secure the necessary adaptation to the needs and to local realities, the elaboration of the tools is based on the participation of nearly 50 local voluntary structures scattered on all the French territory, 20 in Italy and in Belgium (the complete list is downloadable at the bottom of the page). 66 structures in total whereby some of them represent several clustered actors.

Download the list of the network partners.

To the extent to lead well this process of participatory elaboration, several federation, welcoming centres, Centres CPIE, the networks of the Ligue for the Protection of Birds, Surfrider and multiple association members and not, together with local communities do all take part to the elaboration of these tools.

  Counterparty to the aide provided!

As counterparty, every selected voluntary structure makes it sure to receive the pedagogical toolkit by the end of the project together with a training time to learn how to utilise the tools. According to the territories and the partnerships specific agreements could be conceived on a different manner.























Scientifical and pedagogical validation

According to the different territories and competences of everyone, a group of entities and/or individuals have been involved in the step of the scientific and pedagogical validation of the educational contents/resources provided by the FGN toolkit. The following list of logos includes those local/Regional and/or financial partners and other bodies who played such a role.



Bernard Le Sueur

Chercheur, spécialiste de l'histoire fluvial



The launching of Fleuves Grandeur have been started on with the support of the Institute  named « Inspection Académique de la Loire » who provided several remarks and suggestions on the tools and who validated the pedagogical choices undertaken (school programs, methods….).

Seen its Nationale value, Fleuves Grandeur Nature, benefits from the support from French Ministry of Education, School Teaching and Research. Find here the letter of intent from the cabinet of the French Minister.