The testing phase results

Some key-elements of the testing phase delivered in 3 States by some 55 organisms are hereinafter reported.


Main test figures:

5 576 participating citizens
60 % of kids/adolescents, 26 % d’adults, 14 % general public
163 tests carried out


29 pedagogical activities tested

Key evaluation scores:

Adaptation to the diverse audiences:


Pertinence of the Subjects:
Adaptation to time constraints:


Our partners think that it is easy to adapt the FGN pedagogical toolkit to... :


... another public:
 79 %
... another subject:
 71 %


... another time format:
 82 %

Fleuves Grandeur Nature  is an ambitious project as it aims to develop a toolkit of pedagogical tools responding to multiple needs and profiles of educators around one only great-size poster encompassing a wide variety of educational subjects, time limits and variable educational workshops options decided according to the different public, specialised or not, ...

The very positive results in all studied areas confirm the pursue of initial objectives. The multiple profiles of the educators who took part to the testing phase, together with the high number of tests realised in different educational contexts reinforce this assumption.

The very important work load and time (more than one year) do enable us, on the one hand to confirm the attainment of the expected results, on the other to also improve and ameliorate our educational contents soon to be finalised (posters, development of activities, their graphical shaping/editing, etc...).


Some direct opinions expressed by testing participants:

Of course, a range of constructive critics received during the testing phase will permit us a work of contents’ refinement. In the meantime, as a « mirror » of the positive results hereinafter presented, please have a look to some nice quotations of the testing educators which bring added value to the major collaborative work led so far. Thanks a lot to all.

«The educational cards are precise and diversified… very agreeable for our work as educators … beautiful editing work»

 «Easy to take on, even if you are not a specialist of the matter (good explanations)»

« …the public appreciated the tools, especially the poster which « says a lot » when one explains difficult notions… »

«Perfect contents! The great work behind is visible. A training will be welcomed. Thanks »

« The double vision, global and local, has strongly interested in the public enabling several exchanges on the geography of the river basin, the knowledge of the heritage, the hydrographical network… »

«Very well done, very useful as the poster brings in a geographical vision and water utilisations at a river basin scale, as additional tool to the scale model and to local maps».

«The poster is magnificent and really great… »


Find here the overall evaluation on the web page of Fleuves Grandeur Nature.