Presentation of the pedagogical tools


 The pedagogical toolkits

 8  Rivers


= 8 River basins

= 8 posters "Fleuves Grandeur Nature"

= 8 groups of annexed tools adapted to every territory.


Content description:

A poster represents a river basin ; it is sized 3,6 m long for 1,4 m of height. If you wish to go into the details, please go to the menu item "discover a river", a new application conceived just for this specific reason.


Every poster matches with a Guide and a scientific compendium respectively focussed on the methods to utilise the poster and any information required on every pedagogical subject considered. The printing version encompasses at about 15 detailed educational activities. In the download area of this same website you will find, river basins per river basins, not only the printed versions, but also other interesting additional educational activities that are provided in a digital format only.


At last, the poster interactivity is achieved thanks to hundreds of annexed tools, equally adapted to each river, and with which trainees may play and learn following the indications given them by their educators. These tools are of different formats as thought for various kinds of public...